Best drugstore face mask for clogged pores

One of the main issues people suffer from skin wise are clogged pores, thankfully there is an affordable way to get rid of clogged pores. So if you’re looking for the best drugstore face mask for clogged pores then you’ve come to the right place.

The drugstore has a good selection of products that are usually looked over. Yes, luxury skincare products can seem like better quality but drugstore brands are giving us great products too. They are affordable, easy to access and will give you amazing skin too. Drugstore brands know how to create skincare that will work while still keeping their product at an affordable price.

Clogged pores can be standing between you and amazing, glowing smooth skin. These skin blemishes aren’t difficult to get rid of but they need to be removed on a regular basis. They happen when your pores get clogged up with sebum (the skins natural oil) and dead skin cells on the skin. When this two mix and block your pores it can lead to clogged pores in the form of whiteheads or blackheads.

If a whitehead is exposed to oxygen it turns into a blackhead. If the clog gets infected with acne-causing bacteria it forms acne. You wouldn’t want that to happen so it is necessary to find a face mask that can unclog your pores, the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is a great option that will do the job and make the experience fun.

What it is: A bubbling face mask that unclogs pores

K beauty has introduced and inspired all kinds of interesting products onto the market, it’s no wonder why. We see women over the age of 40 looking 20 years old because they follow k beauty skincare routines. K beauty users of all ages don’t just have ageless skin, their skin is flawless, dewy and practically pore-free. K beauty skincare brands have been innovating and producing amazing results, and people all over the world have access to the products.

More info on the mask:

The mask will pretty much make you look like your face took a bubble bath. The mask contains perfluorocarbons, this ingredient holds onto soluble oxygen. When you apply it to your face it gets exposed to air, this gives you the foamy look when you use it.

As the mask bubbles up it gets into your pores giving you a deep cleaning treatment. It clears out any pollutants or gunk that you might have in your pores. The mask isn’t only good for selfies, I also unclog your pores very well. It will stimulate the skin and give you a healthy glow after use. Note that when exposed to any air it will foam up so minimize air exposure in the container.


This product contains charcoal powder, collagen, green tea and pomegranate extracts. Charcoal is a well used and well-loved ingredient in skincare. It is known to purify the skin and it is pretty good at it. Charcoal is known to draw out a variety of unwanted elements from your skin including poisons, micro-particles, chemicals, bacteria, and dirt from the skin. Charcoal can be used on its own, in store-bought masks or you can make a DIY mask with other ingredients. The charcoal in this mask works with other ingredients to give you amazing clear, clog-free skin.

You can drink green tea or you can use it on your skin topically. This ingredient contains anti-inflammatory properties. These will help if you have any irritation redness or swelling around your clogged pores. It also has an antibacterial agent called Polyphenols, this agent is used in the treating of acne and is also beneficial as it can unclog pores. As an added bonus the green tea contains vitamins B2 and E, this will keep your skin healthy and maintained.

How to use:

  1. Apply the mask on your dry face
  2. Let the mask do its foaming magic for 5 minutes
  3. When the bubbles have formed, rub your face gently, this will aid in melting the dirt off your face
  4. Remove the mask

Tips on using the mask:

When you apply the mask on your face do not apply a thick layer, yes a thick layer will give you max effect but it will also be more difficult to remove.

The mask won’t fizz up all at once right when you apply it. It will start off slow, as it foams up it might feel ticklish on your face.

It might be a bit difficult to remove the mask with just water and your hands, you might need to use a washcloth to remove it. You can also hop into the shower to remove it.

Make sure you use the spatula provided to get the product out, if not you run the risk of contaminating the product when you put your fingers in it to scoop up the product. Also if you scoop the product with your fingers it will react to the oil from your fingers.


If you want a mask that will make your clogged pores disappear then this is a great option. It’s an easy, fun way to get clear clog-free skin while getting some cute selfies too. It will help you stop build up on your skin and will have your pores looking smaller too. If every other mask just doesn’t seem to be working don’t despair, this affordable product will be your saving grace. You don’t need to use an expensive luxury brand for you to get top-notch skin.

More on drugstore products:

There are many drugstore products that will be a great affordable addition to your skincare collection. You might be in need of a moisturiser, its always good to moistures after masking, here is a good oil-free option to use that comes from a drugstore brand. If you’re in need of good drugstore moisturiser for winter then check this article for a good option to use. And don’t forget to use a good sunscreen, here is a drugstore option for your face that will protect your skin and wallet. If you need a vitamin c or retinol serum click the links for some well-loved options.

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