Best drugstore sunscreen for oily skin

There are few products in your skincare routine that are as important as sunscreen is. Sunscreen will protect from sun damage, premature ageing, will lower your chances of developing skin cancer among other things. For these reasons, it’s important to find the best drugstore sunscreen for oily skin.

In addition, you need to make sure that you are wearing it as often as needed and you need to apply it as thickly as necessary. You need to apply ½ a teaspoon of sunscreen daily for it to be adequate for your face. You need to apply a shot glass full worth of sunscreen on your body daily if you are an adult

The drugstore is a convenient place where you can get a number of great skincare products. Your whole skincare routine can consist of drugstore products and your skin will glow and look amazing. Great skincare doesn’t have to break the bank. If you can’t get or don’t want to use an expensive sunscreen then you don’t have to, an efficient drugstore sunscreen will work great too.  This article will look at the best drugstore sunscreen for oily skin: Cerave 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

What it is: an oil-free sunscreen (at an affordable price) with an SPF of 50.

Things you should know about the product:

  • Has an SPF of 50
  • Oil-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Mineral sunscreen

Features of the product:

Mineral sunscreen

There are two types of sunscreens mineral and chemical, the mineral sunscreen is a sunscreen that uses minerals as the active ingredient, chemicals sunscreens use chemicals as the active ingredients.

Chemical sunscreen are sometimes formulated with ingredients that have negative a negative effect on your skin. The chemicals absorb the suns’ rays, it then dissipates them, the suns rays don’t actually touch your skin at all. Mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide and titanium oxide to protect your skin, they do this by sitting on your skin and creating a barrier between it and the UV rays of the sun.

Boosts the skin’s health

The sunscreen contains ceramides and niacinamide. The ceramide is great at protecting the skin against loss of moisture, this, in turn, ensures that your skin stays moisturised and supple. It also helps restore the skins moisture barrier if damaged, find out more about symptoms of a damaged moisture barrier here. The niacinamide in the product will also help to reduce the appearance of any large pores that you might have. It helps correct any uneven skin tone, wrinkles, dull complexion and fine lines.

Not heavy or pore-clogging

Using sunscreen can sometimes feel like you’re overloading your skin with products. If it’s too heavy it can feel like it’s clogging your pores. Some sunscreens can also feel sticky and tacky.  Thankfully this sunscreen is lightweight and is not sticky, it won’t feel like you’re wearing a sticky, tacky face mask all day. It is quite lightweight when applied it absorbs into your skin. Your pores will be clog-free and your skin will be protected.

Won’tirritate sensitive skin

This brand is known for only having the essential ingredients in their products, the formula contains what is necessary and nothing more. Thus the product doesn’t contain fragrance or parabens, it is also oil-free and non-comedogenic. Is as been given the National Eczema Association seal of acceptance as well as the Skin Cancer Foundation daily use seal of approval making it good to use on all types of skin. It has also been allergy tested. If you have sensitive skin you can rest assured that you can use this product and expect no irritation on your skin.

Broad-spectrum high UV protection

This product is helpful as it protects against both the UVA ad the UV rays of the sun. The UVA rays cause premature ageing and the UVB rays increase the risk of getting skin cancer. The minimum SPF that we need to wear is 30, so no, the moisturiser with an SPF of 15 isn’t enough. This sunscreen has an SPF of 50 because we generally don’t apply a thick enough layer sunscreen, the high SPF takes that into account. You might not be wearing enough sunscreen because of the greasy look you sometimes get from using sunscreen, I have a way around that.

How to use:

Sunscreen can be applied on a clean face after your moisturiser or you can add it to your face throughout the day.

  1. Apply the sunscreen on your face, massaging it into your skin
  2. You know you’ve massaged enough when there is no great residue left on your face after application
  3. You can leave your sunscreen as is or you can apply makeup over it


Both dermatologists and other users recommend this product, and rightly so, it’s pretty great. It does as it claims, no fuss no problem. If you have sensitive skin or any skin for that matter then this will be a godsend. Note: It will leave a white cast on your skin so I recommend you add to your moisturiser. Apart from that, the price is right, the sun protection is more than adequate and you won’t break out or feel oily after using this product.

Other drugstore products.

The drugstore is a mecca of products that will help you on your skincare journey. If you need a good retinol serum here is an article on a great and well-loved drugstore option. You might want to swap out your moisturiser for an oil-free one if so here is something you can have a look at.

You might have an issue of clogged pores and need something that will clear them up. If you aren’t into facial steaming to move clogged pores then you can use this drugstore mask, it will help you. You might need a serum, here is a great vitamin C serum that is on budget and if you need a retinol serum or acne serum click on the links for affordable options. If you need a sunscreen for your body here is a good option. So for great budget-friendly products that help your skin, the drugstore is the place to go.

I hope you found this article looking at the best drugstore sunscreen for oily skin useful. I hope you enjoyed this article if you did please share it.

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