Humidifier for oily skin, is it for you?

Getting a humidifier for your oily skin might be one of the best decisions for your skin.

The humidifier is good at combating acne as well as other skin concerns such as eczema, dry skin and other skin problems.

This article looks at the benefits that the humidifier offers.

Humidifier for oily skin

Humidifier overview

Using a humidifier is a simple natural way to maintain the moisture and health of your skin.

It’s a great at-home solution especially if you don’t want to or can’t use over the counter acne treatments.

A benefit of using a humidifier is that there is no chance of skin irritation after use, it uses pure water to treat your skin.

Over the long run, you’ll realize that is it a cheaper alternative to using product-based treatments

Humidifiers are also known to enhance blood circulation in your skin. This is especially true for humidifiers that are also facial steamers.

This type can be used directly on the skin and this is a more direct approach to cleaning out the pores on your skin.

Some humidifiers can run for about 96 hours consecutively so you won’t have to change the water often.

It also helps with getting a better night’s sleep as the humidity levels can be switched to the desired level for a peaceful sleep.

This is a humidifier that is well-loved and gets the job done.

Benefits of owning a humidifier for your skin:

There are a variety of pollutants in the air that can irritate your acne and make it worse. The toxins in the air can sit on your face and cause breakouts.

If you can control the purity of the air and the humidity levels then your skin will be better off. The humidifier ensures that your skin will be exposed to fresh air with no pollutants or impurities.

The higher humidity levels allow your skin to breathe easier and stay moist.

For oily and combination skin, this is particularly beneficial. When the air is more humid the skin will become and remain moisturised.

This prevents the sebaceous glands from needing to produce too much oil in an effort to keep your skin hydrated.

For dry and normal skin, the humidifier will moisten the skin and prevent skin conditions such as psoriasis, flare-ups, flaking of the skin as well as rashes. It will keep the skin moist and supple.

What you should consider before buying a humidifier:

Humidifiers are a great addition to your home but there are a few things you should know about owning one:

Must be refilled regularly:

In order to provide constant moisture, humidifiers need to be refilled. When looking to buy one take note of how long the machine can go without needing to be refilled.


If you don’t keep an eye on the humidifier and microorganisms are left to grow in the water tank then this can become an issue.

This bacteria in the water tank will be released into the air without you knowing it, resulting in your air being polluted.

To avoid this from happening you need to clean it as the instructions suggest.

Over humidifying

This happens if you have a humidifier that runs for too long or isn’t set to the correct settings. When this happens the air in the room becomes over humidified, this results in condensation.

Condensation results in the growth of bacteria, mould, and dust mites. In more serious cases this can result in allergy triggers and issues with asthma.

The best humidity level to keep your machine is 30-50 percent.

White dust

This is dependent on the type of water you use in your humidifier. If you use distilled water then you will have a low level of dust or no dust dispersed.

If you use regular water then the humidifier will disperse white dust that is very fine.

This dust is caused by a variety of mineral deposits and impurities in the water. Make sure you always use distilled water in your machine.


Humidifiers aren’t exactly cheap upfront. In the long run, they cost less than products but it will definitely cost you more upfront.

The warm mist humidifier option is often more expensive when compared to the cool mist option.


If you aren’t careful and you touch the steam coming out of the humidifier you can get burnt.

This steam is scolding hot and is dispersed from the humidifier from the boiling water in it. This can also happen if it tips over and onto you.

Humidifier for the hair

Humidifiers add much-needed moisture into the air, this is especially beneficial in the colder winter months when the air is naturally drier.

This is not only great for the health of your skin but it’s also great for the health of your hair. Your hair needs to be kept moist just as your skin does.

The added moisture in the air will keep your hair hydrated and will prevent moisture loss and dryness. Moisture loss and dryness can lead to dry brittle hair that breaks off easily.

The added moisture in the air will keep your hair continuously moisturised giving you healthier hair that is stronger more elastic and more resistant to breakage.

Can you use a humidifier for a facial?

One of the more popular facials you can do is a steam facial, these types of facials open pores and help with circulation in the face.

Using steam in your skincare routine has a number of benefits but you can’t use a humidifier to steam you face as part of your facial routine.

If your humidifier emits hot air then that hot air will burn your skin if you use it as a facial steamer.

If you want to steam your face you can pour some hot water in a bowl and use it to steam your face or use a facial steamer (this is a well-loved one).

A great addition to your steam is to use an essential oil read more about the benefits here.

Humidifier for oily skin

Is it bad to sleep with a humidifier every night?

No, it isn’t bad to sleep with a humidifier every night. There are a number of benefits to using a humidifier every night:

Better skin: Consistent skincare will give you beautiful skin. If you use a humidifier every night it will clean the air preventing acne-causing bacteria from multiplying, it will also clear any other toxins in the air.

In addition, it keeps the moisture level of the room high, this keeps your skin supple and soft.

Improved sleep: If you have a snoring problem then using a humidifier can also help with that. Snoring is the result of a dry throat or dry sinuses.

The added moisture that the humidifier brings into the air creates a more comfortable and warm environment where you can sleep better in.

Minimizes infections: This is not only good for the skin but good for your overall health as well.

The bacteria and virus that cause infections don’t travel well in warm moist air, this makes them less likely to infect you thus keeping you healthy.

Plant care: If the air in your home is dry then your plants won’t grow as well as they would in more moist air, having a humidifier on at night will offer a constant supply of moist air keeping them healthy.

Do you put hot or cold water in a humidifier?

Using cold weather in your humidifier is the best decision.

This is generally safest, if the humidifier falls over or you get splashed with water as you’re filling up the humidifier you won’t get burnt from the cold water.

In addition, hot water contains more minerals than cold water. This is because it dissolves the minerals from the tap and the minerals seep into the water.

If you use hot water in your humidifier the humidifier will have a greater deposit of minerals shortening its life.

The cold water will have less of a chance of accumulating bacteria and mould because there is little to no mineral deposits in the water.

How can I stop my face from getting oily throughout the day?

If you have naturally oily skin you can’t stop your skin for getting oily completely but you can keep your oil levels low. These will entail:

Using blotting paper: Blotting paper comes in handy when you realise your skin has gotten very oily and shiny through the day.

These sheets of paper will absorb the excess oil on your face giving you a matte look. These work very well

Using the right products: Using products that are specifically made for people with oily skin will be to your advantage, these include products labelled as “oil-free” “mattifying” or “for oily skin”.

These products don’t contain oil, they mattify the skin and balance the oil on your skin.

Not touching your face: Our hands touch more things than we realise on a daily basis.

When you touch your face all these oils and bacteria get transferred onto your skin making it dirty and oily, avoid this to minimise the oil on your face

If you want a more in-depth article on how to reduce oil production on the face follow this link.

How long should you run a humidifier?

You can run humidifies all night or all day.

Certain humidifiers will run up to 96 hours straight.

Having a humidifier on during the morning and night will give you a constant supply of clean humid air which is great for your skin and your overall health.

Keep the humidifier on as instructed to prevent any issues.

Do you need to run a dehumidifier in the winter?

The air in winter is colder, this is because cold air holds less moisture, that’s why our skin and hair become drier in the colder months.

Any moisture that is available in winter on your skin or hair is thus sucked up into the air.

For this reason, using a dehumidifier in the winter months isn’t a good idea, the dehumidifier will make the air drier and thus make the air quality decrease

Moisture in the air results in better air quality. Keeping 30-50 percent moisture in the air is generally good practice. This is a good amount of humidity but not too high

Which humidifier is best for winter?

When looking for a humidifier there are a couple of things you need to look out for. Firstly you need to know if you’re looking for a warm mist or a cool-mist humidifier.

Warm mist humidifiers do the job faster because they vaporise water with heat.

Unfortunately, the bubbling of water makes them louder than cool mist humidifiers. The lack of heat in cool heat humidifiers make them safer to use.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are beneficial because they are very quiet, they use high-frequency vibrations to create the mist.

On the other hand, the evaporative humidifier types are more beneficial because they grows mould less quickly.

Another thing you should take note of is how much space you want to humidify.

When you’re looking for a humidifier make sure the one you’re interested in is able to cover the square footage of the room or your house well enough

The best humidifier for winter is the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier. It is a cool-mist humidifier that can be used for 16 hours nonstop.

If the water level of this humidifier is low it shuts off on its own which is a great safety measure.

You can keep one of these in any medium-sized room and sleep easy that it will clean your air and add moisture into the air with no issues.

That’s it for my article on humidifiers for oily skin.

I hope this article helped you out in some way. If you think that this article will be beneficial to someone then please go ahead and share it.

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