Best face primer for oily skin (drugstore)

If you want a flawless foundation base then you need a good primer to make that happen. A good primer will help keep your makeup intact and avoid the makeup sliding off your face. A primer is definitely important to have if you have oily skin. It helps minimize the amount of oil on your face but does not completely get rid of it to a point where your face is dry. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for the best primer either, you can get it at the drugstore. You need the best face primer for oily skin from the drugstore and the best primer for oily skin at the drugstore is the NYX Professional Makeup Shine Killer.

What it is: An affordable primer designed for people with oily skin that sends shine packing and keeps you matte yet adequately moisturized for a perfect makeup base.

What to know about it

  • Does not clog pores
  • Minimizes any fine lines and pores you might have
  • Gets rid of shine and oils
  • Oil-absorbing


The oil on your face can be amazing, in the same way, it can be not so amazing. Yes, excess sebum on your face means that you age slower than people with dry and normal skin but it also means your face is generally greasier and shinier than peoples with drier skin. This primer works to absorb excess oil on your face and reduce the amount of shine you have.

Contains vitamin e

Just because this primer works well to absorb excess oil and minimizes shine does not mean it will dry out your skin. It contains vitamin e, vitamin e is widely used in skincare products, and with good reason. This is great at nourishing the skin. It also contains antioxidants, thus it will fight off any free radicals that can damage your skin. The vitamin is great at holding onto water (not oil) so it does well to soften the skin and ensures your skin stays moisturised and not dry.

Fills in pores and fine lines

If you don’t want pores or fine lines appearing under your makeup which can create creasing and uneven skin texture, then this product will rectify that in no time. It fills fine lines and pores giving you a smooth canvas that your makeup will simply glide over. Your face will be flawless and your makeup will stay on.

Perfect base

This will give you the perfect canvas for your skin and your foundation will come out looking flawless and will look amazing all day and night long. It give the perfect balance between moisturised and mate, a perfect base for your makeup to glide on with no issues. This base also creates a buffer between your skin and makeup or outside elements that can harm your skin.


A good primer will stay on your face and make sure your make up stays on your face all day and night if necessary. This product will do just that. This hardworking product will keep your foundation, eyeshadow eyeliner, lipstick highlighter, blush and bronzer intact for as long as you need it to. In addition to being long-lasting, it will keep your make up colour-true for hours making your look like you just applied the makeup hours into your day.


Whether you plan on wearing heavy or lightweight makeup on your face you don’t want to use anything that will fee heavy on your face as a primer. This is a lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores or suffocate your face.


You’ll be glad to know that this product and the whole NYX line is totally cruelty-free. There are many well-loved products in the NYX line and all of them are cruelty-free. It’s possible to create amazing makeup products without having to test on animals


If you are vegan and are looking for a great oil-free affordable primer then this is the best one out there. Finding vegan products that work well and are affordable can sometimes be a bit difficult but NYX has or backs. NYX isn’t going away anytime soon so this can be a staple line for you.

How to use:

  1. Apply moisturiser on your face
  2. Apply a small amount of this primer, a little goes a long way, a pea-size amount of product will be enough. Tap the product into your skin, avoid rubbing it in.
  3. Apply the rest of your makeup


This will be your best friend when it comes to dealing with shine before you apply makeup. I love that this affordable product offers amazing long-lasting results yet is so lightweight. You will love that it does not feel heavy and doesn’t clog your pores thus avoiding any breakouts. It will mattify without drying, last long without clogging pores and works well with no animal testing involved. All in all, there are many benefits to using this product and it’s a great product.

More products for oily/acne-prone skin:

If you have oily or acne-prone skin you need to be using products that have been designed specifically for your skin type. Using the right products will give you the best results. In addition to the best face primer for oily skin (drugstore) you may need these:

To maintain good skin you need to clean your skin. This gentle cleanser for acne will make sure your skin stays blemish-free.

If you’ll be in water and need a foundation that will stay on then you’re in luck. This is the best waterproof foundation for oily skin. For a flawless look you’ll need a good foundation with SPF, one that will mattify but not dry your skin. This foundation will be perfect to keep your skin balanced and protected

To top all your make up off you need a setting spray. This drugstore setting spray will keep your make up on and make sure your face doesn’t get oily

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