What does face scrub do and how can it help you

Exfoliation is a step that should be a staple in everyone’s skincare routine.

One of the many types of exfoliators that people can choose to use is a facial scrub. The results are immediate and the process can be quite enjoyable to do.

But what does face scrub do? How often should you use it? Can you use them every day? This article has all the answers for you.

What does face scrub do?

Face scrubs have a range of benefits that will help you achieve beautiful glowing healthy-looking skin.

Your skin constantly sheds dead skin cells, a build-up of dead skin cells form overtime. These dead skin cells need to be removed or else your skin can become tough and rough.

Scrubs are products that remove the dead skin cells by buffing away at the dead skin as you use it.   

There are two types of exfoliators: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliators use particles in the formula (beads, crushed fruit seeds, sugar or salt) and these manually buff away the dead skin cells.

Sugar scrubs are an example of a physical exfoliator. The sugar is what buffs off the dead skin cells. Physical exfoliators can be used on the face or body.

Chemical exfoliation uses chemicals to either dissolve dead skin cells off of your face or break down the bonds that connect the fresh new skin and the dead old skin cells.

An example of a chemical exfoliator is glycolic acid. Don’t be afraid of the name “chemical exfoliator”, these are gentler than physical exfoliators.

Both types of exfoliators should be used after your cleansing products so they can focus on the task of removing the dead skin cells off of your face.

After use, you will find that your skin looks and feels more youthful, soft beautiful and glowing.

Are sugar scrubs bad for your skin?

Not if used at the right time and in moderation (more on this later).

Some people who have skin conditions should not be using facials scrubs, using sugar scrubs can irritate the skin.

People who shouldn’t use scrubs will include people with sensitive skin, warts, herpes, inflammatory acne, rosacea or eczema.

If you have this type of skin you will need a skincare routine that is specially made for you.

If you don’t have any skin conditions then you can use a sugar scrub. Just know that all scrubs are not made equal.

There are many varieties but many of them can be quite harsh so be careful when you pick a scrub.

Can sugar scrubs cause acne?

Yes, sugar scrubs, if used too often, can lead to over-exfoliation which can cause acne. I have a more in-depth article on how that happens here.

If you over-exfoliate your face you can develop acne as well as other skin conditions.

How often should you use face scrub on your face?

Sensitive skin: If you have this skin type you shouldn’t be using sugar scrubs at all as your skin will get irritated and red. Rather use a good chemical exfoliator. They are a safer option for your skin type.

Normal/dry skin: It is recommended that you use a face scrub or exfoliate in general only once a week. The skin will not react well if you use it too often in a week.

Oily/combination skin: Your skin can take something more aggressive when it comes to exfoliators. You can use a scrub up to 5 times a week if your skin can handle it.

The skin usually needs a lot of exfoliation to minimize the formation of clogged pores. If you want to unclog your pores learn more about how you can here.

Chemical exfoliators: It is recommended that you use a chemical exfoliator on your face rather than a physical exfoliator.

If you use a chemical exfoliator you don’t run the risk of creating micro-tears in your skin and damaging it.

But if you would rather use a scrub then go ahead. If you would like a drugstore chemical exfoliator I have an article on drugstore exfoliators here

This chemical exfoliator is well-loved and widely used.

NB: These are guidelines on how often to scrub your face. Be sure to listen to your skin and pay attention to what it needs before you go overboard with the scrub.

Note: If you’re a man then you’ll need to scrub your face more often than a woman would. This is because men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s. In addition, your pores are larger so they can collect sebum, debris and dirt easier.

Can I scrub my face every day?

No. Although face scrubs and exfoliation, in general, can really improve the look and feel of your skin under no circumstances should you be doing this every day.

Scrubbing your face too often can damage your skin and this can take a while to repair, (PS, if you have damaged your skin try a facial foam like this one for gentle cleansing while your skin is healing)

Micro tears: You run the risk of getting microtears on the skin if you apply too much pressure while using the scrub. If you use scrubs every day the chances are higher.

When you get microtears your skin becomes dull looking as you develop micro scabs on your skin

Damaged moisture barrier: To protect itself from external irritants the skin has a moisture barrier which protects it from impurities.

If the scrub dries out your face the moisture barrier will crack and external irritants will enter and cause irritation

Face sensitivity: If you scrub every day the scrub will buff the healthy cells off of your face, the skin will become irritated and sensitive. Eventually, it will feel like sandpaper on the skin.

What does face scrub do

Is it important to scrub the face?

You don’t need to scrub your face on a daily basis but it’s important to exfoliate your face on a regular basis.

Exfoliating your face on a daily basis (with a gentle chemical exfoliator) will give you softer smoother skin. If you have blackheads or dull skin the exfoliation will correct that issue for you.

The removal of the top layer of dead skin cells makes way for new fresh young skin cells. The top layer of old dead skin cells makes your skin rough, makes your skin dull and stops you from maintaining your natural glow.

It’s important to exfoliate or scrub the face because this allows the products you use after the scrub to absorb and work well.

Removing the top layer of dead skin cells allows the products you use after the scrub to work better.

What is the benefit of body scrub?

The skin on your body needs to be taken care of just as the skin on your face needs to be taken care of.

Exfoliation is as necessary for the skin on your body as it is for the skin on your face. The benefits of using a body scrub are:

It makes your skin look rejuvenated: when the skin on your body is covered in dead skin cells your skin starts to look dull. When you remove this layer your fresher skin comes to the surface

Better moisturisation: after you use your scrub your skin will be more responsive to your moisturiser. The skin will absorb the product better and you’ll get a better effect

Better tanning: the reason people say you should exfoliate before you tan is that you’ll end up with a more even tan. Your skin won’t look patchy. Patchiness happens where you have more dead skin cells in certain areas of your skin and the tan collects there

This body scrub is well-loved and widely used.

How many minutes should I scrub my face?

You shouldn’t be using the scrub for too long on your face. If you start to get red or your skin starts to become tender after using the scrub then you know it’s time to stop.

There is no definite answer for the question ‘’how many minutes should I scrub my face” but you should stop when your face starts feeling sensitive, red and raw.

Can I use coffee scrub everyday?

Coffee scrubs are a type of physical exfoliator so they shouldn’t be used on a daily basis.

If you have normal skin then I recommend you use your coffee scrub only once a week. If you have oily skin then you can go ahead and use the scrub 3-5 times a week.

When used correctly the scrub will not only exfoliate your skin and get rid of all your dead skin cells but it will also increase blood flow all over your body. Using it regularly will give you glowing and healthier-looking skin.

This coffee scrub is well-loved and widely used.

Can I use face scrub twice a day?

No, you cannot use a face scrub twice in a day. When you use an exfoliator, like a face scrub, you remove the top layer of dead skin cells from your face.

You need to let your face rest after you do this or you can wind up damaging your skins natural moisture barrier.

Read more about your moisture barrier and how you can accidentally damage it here

There are some very gentle yet effective chemical exfoliators that you can use once a day but you shouldn’t be exfoliating with any product twice a day.

Do facial scrubs damage your skin?

Facial scrubs can damage your skin if you use them in the wrong way. The skin on your face is the most delicate skin on your body.

If you use a scrub that is very harsh on your face you will irritate and even damage your skin.

If you’re using products that contain ingredients such as fruit pics, ground-up nut shells or large granules then this can irritate and damage the skin.

They damage the skin by creating microtears in the skin. Microtears are little tears on your skin that can’t be seen by the human eye.

If you develop these tears your facial products and other external irritant’s can enter these tears and irritate the skin.

Microtears will result in micro-scarring and this will make your skin look dull and healthy.

What does face scrub do

What happens if you don’t exfoliate?

Patchy and dull skin: your skin is always producing new skin cells If you don’t exfoliate your old dead skin cells with build-up on your face and result in patchy and dull-looking skin.

Your products won’t work as well: for products to work as well as they should they need to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin.

If they can’t penetrate the skin well (because there is a layer of dead skin cells on top) the products won’t work as well.

You’ll break out more often: pimples, blackheads and clogged pores in general are caused by clogged pores. Clogged pores are a mix of excess sebum and dead skin cells. 

When you don’t exfoliate you’ll have a higher chance of developing pimples because your dead skin cells aren’t being removed from the skin.

Your make up won’t look the best: the reason we moisturise then prime our face before we apply makeup is because we want the makeup to look smooth.

If you don’t exfoliate your skin will be rough and dry and your make up won’t look as good as it can

Can I use a face wash after scrub?

You should not use a face wash after a scrub, you should use it before scrub.

Face washes are meant to remove all the dirt grime, bacteria, external pollutants and debris from your face.

After all this is removed, your face scrub can focus on removing your dead skin cells with no hassle.

If you feel that there are still some particles on your face after you use the face scrub then you can wash your face again.

Do you use a body scrub before or after a shower?

You use a body scrub after the shower.

Just as you would use the face wash before you use the face exfoliator you would need to exfoliate your skin after you’ve washed off all the dirt, pollution, debris, sweat and grime off of the skin on your body.

Does scrubbing the face cause wrinkles?

Scrubbing your face can give your wrinkles if you over-exfoliate your skin. Don’t get me wrong exfoliating is a good thing but when you over-exfoliate you remove your skins natural moisture barrier.

This can eventually cause dry skin, dry skin will cause wrinkles earlier in life. Your skin will also become vulnerable to inflammation, a loss of hydration and loss of elasticity.

How can I exfoliate my face naturally?

You can easily exfoliate your skin with everyday things you find in your kitchen.

Using at-home products on your skin is an affable and convenient way to exfoliate your skin.

And a bonus is that you know exactly what’s in the exfoliator. You can use these ingredients to exfoliate your skin:

Sugar: sugar is found in many store-bought exfoliators and for good reason. Sugar contains glycolic acid as well as alpha hydroxy acid.

These two will help make your skin softer and smoother. You can mix in an oil like olive or grapeseed oil to create the paste and use this paste on your skin

Papaya: This is another widely used ingredient in store-bought products, the enzyme found in papaya is called papain and it’s great at dissolving your dead skin cells in a gentle way.

If you want the most potent concentration of this enzyme you can use young green papayas for your mask. Create a paste by mashing or blending the fruit and use this paste on your face.

Yoghurt: This is a type of chemical exfoliator, it uses lactic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid to exfoliate your face and give you new fresh soft skin.

It helps to even out your uneven skin tone and also soothes irritated skin. The best yoghurt to use is plain yoghurt.

I hope you enjoyed this article looking at what face scrubs do. If you enjoyed the article please share it.

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