Best shampoo for heat-damaged hair

Damaging your hair is surprisingly easy to do. Over brushing? Damage! over washing? Damage! Highlights? Damage! Bleaching? Definitely damaged! Even water can have negative effects on the hair, making it brittle, fading the colour and drying it out. The simple task of using heat on your hair to style can cause some major heat damage. The more heat you add onto your hair the more damaged your hair will become especially if you do nothing to minimize the heat.  There is a away around your heat damage though. You’ll need the best shampoo for heat damaged hair to do it, you’ll need the Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo, for Damaged Hair

What it is: A shampoo that is rich in proteins that cleans your hair and helps to repair heat damage caused by heat styling or any other damage.

What to know about the product

  • Strengthens hair
  • Repairs heat damaged hair
  • Fights frizz
  • Moisturises hair
  • Nourishes


Heat can do quite a number on your hair. Your hair, when heat-damaged won’t behave as normal, heat will cause your hair to become dry, dull and lifeless. When you apply heat to your hair the heat lifts the cuticles and moisture leaves through your cuticles causing dry hair and eventually breakage.  This also results in more tangles in your hair and frizz.

Adding excessive heat over a long period of time will leave you with severely damaged hair. This shampoo is keratin rich. The protein will strengthen the hair preventing hair weakening and hair fall. It will also boost the collagen and elastin in your hair helping it stay healthy and strong


Our hair is made up on 90 percent protein. This is what keeps our hair strong, shiny and healthy. Well, it keeps our skin, nails and hair strong to be exact. When applied topically on hair it can also have amazing effects. It helps the hair withstand any extreme temperatures such as heat and cold on your hair, this helps avoid breakage and damage.

The protein will also fight any fizziness and give you smooth hair that is easy to manage and work with. The lifted cuticles will be flattened by keratin and this gives you smoother hair. It will also boost the moisture levels in your hair and help to retain moisture as well giving you shiny hair.

Black rice extract

There has been a buzz around washing your hair in rice water to improve hair growth. This is as a result of the discovery of the Chinese village of Huangluo where the women’s hair grow over 7 feet long. This hair length has been attributed to using rice water on their hair, Nexx has implemented this phenomenon in their shampoo so you don’t have do.

The black rice extract contains amino acids and vitamin b which helps grow longer and stronger hair. The extract also contains vitamin c, this vitamin is beneficial in helping the scalp produce sebum which nourishes the hair and scalp for healthy hair growth. The glutamic acid (which comes from the black rice) is the ingredient that repairs heat damage on your hair. This is also the nutrient that is lost when you heat style your hair, bringing it back will be like reversing those heat styling passes.


The formula of this shampoo is similar to a conditioner. Is quite thick and creamy. This is because of the concentration of ingredients in the shampoo which will nourish your hair. The formula gives a good lather but does not strip your hair making it dry.

Silicone free

With all these amazing ingredients in this product, the last thing you want is silicone in your shampoo, this product contains no silicone what so ever. Silicone gives hair the illusion of shine, but this is just masking the real problem and makes you believe your hair is healthy when it isn’t.

You need to be using products that actually nourish and give your hair shine not a product that makes your hair look healthy. Silicone also weights the hair down making it limp, lifeless and eventually dull. Lastly, silicone covers the hair and doesn’t allow other beneficial ingredients to penetrate the hair.

How to use:

  1. Start off with wet hair in the shower
  2. Apply the product into your hands then distribute it in your hair
  3. Massage your hair and scalp
  4. Rinse out

Tip: This product works best with its conditioner, but it does not clash with other conditioners either.

Tip: For added strengthening affects you can also grab the Keraphix Masque and Reconstructing Treatment, you can use this mask once a week to help bring your hair back to life faster.


Your hair will be visibly heather, softer and silkier after using this product. The more you use it the better the effects of this shampoo will be. It will be a miracle worker that will have your heat damaged hair looking healthier and you’ll see results after just one use. All in all, if you have damaged hair from heat styling this product will be your new best friend and your way around it.

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