Best LED face mask for rosacea, the best of the best

Rosacea can be a bit of an issue, well, it can be a big issue actually. Having it is generally uncomfortable. It gives you dry, flaky skin with red bumps, redness and visible blood vessels. If you have rosacea you need to find products that are designed for your skin and skin tools that won’t irritate your skin on some level. Luckily LED face masks are non-invasive tools that can help deal with the negative effects of having rosacea. If you are looking for the best LED face mask for rosacea then read on

LED therapy has been a very popular skin treatment trend that actually works and gives you great results. If you have skin conscious such as rosacea you’ll probably want to get a LED light mask for yourself.

These masks trigger your skin to act in a certain way deepening on what light you use and the different coloured lights can help with different skin conditions including rosacea. After going through this article you’ll be able to find the right light for you and start your treatment straight away

Best LED face mask for rosacea

TOP pick: Project E Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

The Project E Beauty LED Face mask will be a great addition to your fight against your rosacea. Many leading LED face masks offer 7 light colour settings which can help you deal with a variety of skin conditions, this mask is one of them. It offers red and yellow lights which help with rosacea. It also offers a green, cyan, blue and white setting.

The different colour settings help to treat a variety of skin conditions. Not only will this mask help treat your rosacea but the mask helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, is antiaging, gives your skin a smoother appearance, firms and tightens your skin, regulates the oil production on your skin and improves blood flow.

Regardless of what skin type you have this mask will help you. It can even be used on sensitive skin and this is great for people who suffer from rosacea. The natural light emitted by this device actives the photoreceptors in your skin. The purpose of your photoreceptors is to defend against ultraviolet radiation. This keeps your skin looking beautiful, healthy and radiant.

The mask uses 150 UV free non-heat producing bulbs. The benefit of UV free bulbs is that they won’t harm your skin. There are light sources, such as the sun, which produce UVA and UVB rays. These rays damage the skin by triggering premature ageing or burning the skin. The bulbs are heat-free preventing heating of the mask as you use it.

This is an easy to use and apply mask that only needs to be used for 10 minutes per session for it to give you good results.  After continued use, your rosacea will be improved greatly and you can enjoy your skin

Whats special about it?

  • 7 light colour settings
  • Sensitive skin features
  • 150 UV free bulbs
  • Non-heat producing bulbs
  • Natural light emitted

Runner up: Face Led Mask -Angel Kiss 7 Color Blue Red Light Therapy Photon Mask

The Angel Kiss 7 Color Blue Red Light Therapy Photon Mask is another LED face mask that offers 7 colour settings. It is one of the most well-loved and widely used LED face masks on the market. This mask is made out of natural, high quality and reusable materials and is simple to use. Simply slip it on, relax and let it do its magic.

This mask is great to use on your rosacea because it offers red and yellow light which will calm and soothe your skin. The other colours will help to fight and reduce any fatty areas on your skin, reduce and regulate the oil on your face, boost your skin elasticity and prevent and minimise the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles.

The 150 UV free non-heating producing bulbs emit natural and safe light and this light improves your skin in more way that one. Because you have rosacea you need a mask that can treat your skin in a gentle and non-invasive way and this mask will do just that. It can be used on all skin types even sensitive skin.

The mask uses PDT technology. This technology uses light to target your skin issues by helping with the formation of new connective tissue. When this light is absorbed it rejuvenates the tissue.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about this mask becoming damaged. The materials used prevent any damage from scratches or stains. Overall this is an effective, natural, comfortable mask that will be a great addition to your skincare routine.

Whats special about it?

  • Offers 7 colour settings
  • High quality and reusable materials
  • Will calm and soothe your skin
  • 150 UV free bulbs
  • Non-heating producing bulbs
  • Uses PDT technology

Also good: NEWKEY Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask

Last but not least is the NEWKEY Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask. This mask, just like its competitors, offers a range of light settings which help to treat your skin issues with minimal effort and with no side effects. Deepening on what treatment you would like you can pick a different wavelength and start treating right away. Red and yellow will help with rosacea

The lights can cure a range of skin issues not just treat rosacea. If you are getting older and your collagen production is slowing down this mask can boost your collagen levels as well as improve your blood flow. It can kill off acne-causing bacteria to give you clear beautiful skin. Any hyperpigmentation issues can also be improved when using this mask

This face mask has a sleek and sophisticated look. It is pure white and has a glossy finish. This look is achieved by the finishings of the mask. The mask has a white base and is sprayed with white pearl powder. It is then finished off with a coating to make sure it stays strong and durable. This finishing ensures that the mask won’t be damaged scratched or stained easily and makes sure the mask is kept pristine.

Whats special about it?

  • 7 light settings
  • Sleek and sophisticated look
  • Strong and durable

Frequently asked questions:

Do LED face mask really work?

Yes LED face masks do really work. These masks use LED bulbs to emit light onto your skin. The light has different wavelengths deepening on what setting you use it on and each colour light is made up of a different wavelength. The different light wavelengths benefit the skin in different ways.

When used on your face the light waves penetrate deep into your skin to affect it on a cellular level and cause intercellular reactions.  The light from these masks can stimulate collagen and elastin, promote circulation, tighten the skin, reduce inflammation, kill acne-causing bacteria and much more. They work best when used over time with continued use and alongside potent topical products.

What is the best light therapy for rosacea?

There are a couple of light therapy’s that we can expose our skin to and achieve a desired result. These include infrared light therapy, UV light therapy and LED light therapy

Infrared light therapy: Infrared light therapy uses infrared radiation emitted by heat lamps. The whole premise of this type of therapy is to emit heat and stimulate the body to increase the overall oxygen usage. It is helpful in treating painful joints, lowers blood pressure and reduces body fat among other things.

UV light therapy: UV light therapy has the power to decontaminate blood from unwanted organisms or chemicals. Similar to LED technology this technology uses different wavelengths of light. It can be used to treat vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin issues.

LED light therapy: LED light therapy uses LED light bulbs to emit light at differing wavelengths to alter your skin on a cellular level and improve your skin in various ways. This therapy can repair sun damage, rejuvenate the skin, help with rosacea, and stimulate hair growth among other things. The light therapy that is best for rosacea is LED light therapy.

Which Colour LED light is best for rosacea?

The best colour LED lights for rosacea are red and yellow. If you use the red light you’ll notice the itching and burning sensation on your face will greatly decrease and even disappear. The red light will also be beneficial to use because this light enters your skin to reduce the number of fare ups and the severity of the flare-ups.

The yellow light is also a good light to use if you have rosacea. This light penetrates into our skin and stimulates your photoreceptors, this improves blood flow. The improved blood flow helps to improve the speed of wound healing and makes you look rejuvenated. Your skin will also become smoother and calmer because of it.

How often should I use LED light therapy?

The more often you use your LED light therapy mask the better. Every 10-15 minute session of using your device will bring you closer to achieving the skin you want.  That being said, you shouldn’t be using this tool more often than around 5 times a week. You should continue with this treatment schedule for a couple of months to really see good results.

Because these at home face masks aren’t as strong as the ones that dermatologists use they aren’t as potent and will take longer to give you results. That being said, with consistent use at this rate you’ll get amazing results.

What is the best moisturizer for rosacea?

The best moisturizer for rosacea will be a moisturizer that does not contain any irritating ingredients such as fragrances, dyes, alcohols etc. The moisturizer will still need to moisturize well and give you skin that’s soft, calm and not inflamed.

Good staple moisturizers for rosacea include the Vanicream moisturising cream as well as the Cetaphil redness relieving daily moisturiser. These are both rosacea skin-friendly and will be a godsend for your rosacea skin.

Can I use moisturizer with LED mask?

Yes, you can use a moisturizer with your LED mask. In fact, if you use the mask with a moisturizer the mask will help to maximise the effectiveness of the moisturizer. Serums are great to use with your masks as well.

How do I permanently get rid of rosacea?

Rosacea does not currently have a cure but we have found ways to deal with this skin condition and make it manageable. A good tip is to avoid ingredients that will irritate your rosacea and your skin.

Irritating ingredients will include alcohol, menthol, witch hazel and ingredients that will exfoliate your skin. To treat and manage your condition your doctor will give you antibiotic creams and oral antibiotics which will help you deal with the issue. You will also need to use rosacea friendly products that will help soothe your skin.

What aggravates rosacea?

This condition makes your skin very sensitive and quick to flare up. Things that aggravate your rosacea include stress, alcohol, hot weather, cold weather, wind, spicy foods, sunlight and even hairspray. Make sure you try to avoid these things to make sure your skin stays calm.

What should I wash my face with if I have rosacea?

If you have rosacea you need to be very gentle with your skin. It’s very easy to trigger your skin and cause fare ups and this includes using products that don’t work well on your face. A good product to wash your face with is the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.

You’ll want to use products that calm your skin, the best way to do this is to choose products that are rosacea friendly. The Cetaphil cleanser is rosacea friendly.

Before you buy your products you need to have a look at the ingredients of the products. Avoid ingredients in cleansers that irritate your skin, these can include alcohol, lactic acid, fragrance, menthol, urea, glycolic acid, sodium laurel sulphate and camphor.

In addition, you should be using a cream cleanser over a gel cleanser. Cream cleansers are generally more gentle and won’t irritate or dry out your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this article looking at the best LED face mask for rosacea, if you did please share it.

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